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Monday, 15 July 2013

Cabal Online 2013 hack

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Cabal Online can be a 3D Fantasy MMORPG that used to become published by OGPlanet but is now published by ESTsoft the action s developer. The game was officially released in north America on February 28th and it is known for this s unique set of features and solid gameplay. Start off your adventure in a single from the game s three newbie towns and explore the big fantasy realm of Cabal Online. The game s six playable classes are Warrior - As the name applies the warrior is the standard tank / melee character. The warrior relies entirely on his strength and uses the two handed sword as his main weapon.Blader - Bladers are proficient at using dual swords and will deal damage rapidly but have incredibly low hit points. They are strong PvE characters while they have high defense.Wizard - The Wizard will be the standard offensive spell caster archetype in Cabal. They can deal massive damage coming from a distance but you are vulnerable to attacks in melee range. They have the lowest hit points in the game.Force Blader Force bladers are proficient with both spell casting and melee swords. They are fast and agile and can do an incredible deal of harm in a quick time but you are unable to wear heavy armor. They are regarded as one of the best pvp classes.Force Shielder - Force Shielders would be the standard tank archetype in Cabal they have the best defensive capabilities but relatively weaker damage than the other melee classes in the game. They are able to using both defensive and offensive magic and are considered strong PvE characters.Force Archer - As the name applies the Force Archer could be the generic archer character in Cabal Online.


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